Notify by Network is an alert system that allows you to instantly message those subscribed to your alerts via SMS. The message will go directly to their phone, instantly notifying them.

With Notify By Network, you can easily send a text message out to all your subscribers in less than a minute! Just log in to your account, type out your message, and click Send SMS! If you're away from your computer, you can also just text your Notify By Network account phone number from the call phone you've set as your admin phone. The message you send will be forwarded to all your subscribers.

It's really simple for your potential subscribers to sign up, too! All they have to do is text the word "subscribe" to your Notify By Network number. Then, whenever you send a message out, they'll get it as well. It's a really simple and quick way to get the news out if there's a critical situation or potential disaster.

There is also a companion WordPress Plugin to go with Notify by Network. This plugin shows your notifications in a WordPress Widget on your website, so that people who aren't yet subscribed to your Notify by Network account can still receive your important messages. The plugin is extremely easy to setup - all you need to do is enter your Notify by Network Phone Number and the plugin will do the rest.

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